Adriana Mendoza loses life due to driver's negligence

On New Year's Day, a tragic accident occurred on Circunvalación 1, the main highway of Maracaibo in the state of Zulia, resulting in the death of a 22-year-old woman.

Adriana Mendoza loses life due to driver's negligence
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Tragic Incident in Maracaibo: 22-Year-Old Woman Loses Life Due to Driver's Negligence

Adriana Mendoza passed away instantly when the green Nissan Sentra she was in collided with a Kangoo Renault-Van.

The incident took place on Monday, January 1, around 4:00 AM. Luis Chávez (21), who was driving the vehicle and is Mendoza's boyfriend, his sister-in-law Luciana Chávez (19), and the driver of the other vehicle, Guillermo Martínez, sustained injuries during the incident.

Erick Chávez, the father of the injured individuals, reported that his son was driving in his designated lane. "My son told me: 'I was on my normal lane. In front of us was a 350 truck, and on the right side was a car. The truck moved away from the van, but I didn't have time to avoid them.'"

Minutes before the accident, shocked bystanders recorded Guillermo Martínez driving the Kangoo Renault Pickup on Maracaibo's fastest highway. The video is circulating on social media and is considered evidence of his negligence.

Another video on social media shows Guillermo attempting to manipulate evidence that could link him to the accident.

The police are now conducting an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.