Shark Tank Rebel Cheese- Buy!

Rebel Cheese: A Vegan Delight Takes on ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15. Fred Swar and Kirsten Maitland, the Visionaries Behind Rebel Cheese

Shark Tank Rebel Cheese- Buy!
Rebel Cheese Shark Tank 2023

Rebel Cheese, a name that evokes curiosity and defiance, is more than just a dairy-free alternative. It’s a culinary revolution led by two passionate individuals: Fred Swar and Kirsten Maitland. Their journey from vegan food enthusiasts to ‘Shark Tank’ contestants is nothing short of inspiring.

The Founders: A Pair of Vegan Adventurers

Kirsten and Fred share a love for all things plant-based. Their quest for exceptional vegan delicacies transcends borders. They’ve traversed continents, seeking out the most delectable non-dairy cheeses. Their belief in the transformative power of plant-based food fuels their mission.

Rebel Cheese on ‘Shark Tank’

On December 15, the world witnessed Rebel Cheese’s momentous appearance on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’ The anticipation was palpable as Kirsten and Fred stepped into the tank, armed with their innovative vegan cheeses. Would the sharks bite? Or would they swim away?

The Showdown: Vegan Cheese Meets the Sharks

As the episode unfolded, Rebel Cheese showcased its delectable offerings. From creamy brie alternatives to aged cheddars, their cheese portfolio impressed the panel. The sharks, known for their discerning palates, were intrigued. Would Rebel Cheese disrupt the dairy industry?

The Price Points: A Flavorful Spectrum

Rebel Cheese’s product lineup caters to diverse tastes and budgets. Let’s explore their offerings:

  1. Shark Tank Box: Priced at $115.00, this curated selection promises a tantalizing cheese experience.
  2. The Fromagier: A luxurious indulgence at $115.79, perfect for connoisseurs who appreciate complexity.
  3. Winter Wonder ~ The Ultimate: For those seeking cheese nirvana, priced at $158.00.
  4. Winter Wonder ~ The Essentials: A delightful assortment at an accessible $115.00.
  5. Winter Wonder ~ Gluten Free: A compassionate choice for $140.00.

Beyond the Tank: Rebel Cheese’s Impact

Rebel Cheese isn’t just about flavor; it’s about transforming lives. By choosing plant-based alternatives, we contribute to our health and animal welfare. Kirsten and Fred’s vision extends beyond profit—they’re building a compassionate food future.

Join the Rebel Movement

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or a curious foodie, Rebel Cheese invites you to savor their creations. Attend their watch parties, indulge in their cheeses, and be part of a flavorful rebellion.

Will there be sharks swimming in their brie cave? Tune in to ‘Shark Tank’ and find out!

Watch Party Details

About Rebel Cheese: Rebel Cheese hosts guided cheese tastings, drag brunches, and workshops. Their commitment to vegan excellence shines through every bite.


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