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Sheets Laundry Club Buy Here Shark Thank 2021

Will Mooresville-based startup Sheets Laundry Club sink or swim when it appears on “Shark Tank” this Friday?

CEO and co-founder Chris Videau couldn't reveal details about the episode, but said it's sure to be a wild ride if it goes anything like the preparation his team went through before taping.


Sheets Laundry Club was founded in 2019 by Videau and Chris Campbell as an eco-friendly, plastic-free laundry alternative. Videau said the idea was to develop laundry products that are as effective as leading brands, but better for the environment.

"We are a plastic-free laundry alternative to traditional detergents and products with the mission and goal to reduce and fight the plastic crisis," he said. "We've done this in a way that doesn't cost consumers more than they are used to paying.

"(We knew) if we could make a product that didn't cost more and was easy to use, that would be a win for everyone."

The laundry products range from laundry detergents to fragrance enhancers, dryer sheets and stain removers. The packaging is all recyclable. Sheets Laundry Club recently launched a line of plastic-free kitchen cleaning products and self-care products.

The team contacted the producers of the ABC show “Shark Tank” in May and began the lengthy application process, which Videau described as intense. He said the process forced them to take a deeper look at the company in a way that will be useful long after filming ends.

"Through the application process, you learn a lot more about your company that maybe you didn't know that well before," he said. "It really allowed me to take a step back and look at some of the things that maybe needed to be cleaned up, like expenses, and understand them better, so we can continue to grow the brand in a cost-effective way."

Videau said he was also able to work closely with the company's board to create a business plan that made sense on a larger scale than they had previously imagined.

"This process has allowed us to create an effective plan that gives us strategies for growth over the next 12 to 24 months," he said.

After the producers gave the go-ahead for the startup to be selected for inclusion, Videau indicated that the team was ramping up preparations. Although he has always been a fan of the show, he said he began to watch the episodes very deliberately, keeping in mind what to expect from the Sharks.

"We worked on questions we thought they would ask, and spent a lot of time with our investors ... We wanted to have a great conversation piece that wasn't just about the product and the numbers," he said. "Ultimately, for me, it's about the mission and educating the American people that there are safe alternatives for what they're using."