Buy „Lion Latch“ from „Shark Tank“ here

„Lion Latch“ from „Shark Tank“ buy here. The problem was that the ball had bent the setting of her engagement ring, and the stone (luckily a small one) had popped out.

Buy „Lion Latch“  from „Shark Tank“ here
Lion Latch

Lerin Lockwood played softball and made a great catch. The problem was that the ball had bent the setting of her engagement ring, and the stone (luckily a small one) had popped out. The ring was repaired and the stone was replaced, but Lerin was determined that it wouldn't happen again. So she took the rings off when she played softball, volleyball and tennis. Also, as an art teacher, she worked with slimy materials such as clay, hard-to-remove paints and stains, and aggressive paint removers.

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Many of us can match that. We may not be athletes or painters, but we “get dirty” in the garden or sifting through sand at the beach, our fingers slippery from sunscreen. Being near water, the ocean, a lake or a pool while wearing rings is tempting fate. People who work in machines are usually advised (more often required) to take off their rings, such as auto mechanics, welders, assembly line workers, as a precautionary measure.

Lerin Lockwood to the rescue with a lion latch

Lerin needed to figure out where to put her rings when not wearing them. She tried using her wallet and purse, but they didn't provide enough protection. Zippered pouches opened too easily, as did small containers with screw-on lids. She attached the rings to the carabiner clip on her keychain. It was a convenient solution, but it didn't protect the rings from damage. So, using the carabiner clip, a D-ring with a spring clip on one side, Lerin set about developing a reliable, convenient, permanent “ring safe” — the Lion Latch Jewelry Tote.

The Lion Latch is a small round locker for rings, small necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hearing aids or pills. Lift the lid and there is a rod in the bottom to hold the rings. The rod slides into the hole in the lid, and the carabiner slides into the hole in the rod and easily attaches to your keychain, bag, backpack — just about anywhere. The locker won't open until you remove the carabiner. Next, Lerin needed a maker and wanted to stay in the United States. She found one right in Texas with more than 30 years of injection molding experience.

Lion Latch features

  • 1" deep, 1.5" diameter
  • Container is made of ABS plastic; carabiner is aluminum alloy
  • Colors: hot pink, turquoise, purple, blue, orange, red, burgundy, and neon green (shiny black is in development — for festive occasions?)

Lion Latch Atta-boys

  • Won the People's Choice Award from GOTEXAN in 2020.
  • Took third place in the SCORE "InnovateHer" competition in Austin, Texas
  • Took second place in Mama Ladder's “High Five Grant” contest
  • Participated in The View
  • On the Good Morning America Deals and Steals program.

Lion Latch — the perfect gift

Just about anyone would appreciate receiving a Lion Latch, including

  • Athletes
  • Gym enthusiasts
  • Health care professionals
  • Nutrition professionals
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Construction professionals
  • Welders, electricians, auto mechanics

But I especially think of the teachers who grit their teeth every spring and say “Thank you” for another “Best Teacher” mug or ceramic apple. Your child can be the best in the classroom with a Lion latch!

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