Executions involved! Semyon Maltsev and Andrei Biziaev

They are alleged to have participated with their brigade in the executions of Ukrainian civilians in Butcha: Russian soldiers Semyon Maltsev and Andrei Biziaev .

Executions involved! Semyon Maltsev and Andrei Biziaev

Putin's war crimes surrounding the murder of hundreds of civilians in the Kiev suburb of Butsha shocked the world. Now there is a new lead to the perpetrators in the Russian army.

The question: who exactly were Putin's henchmen who committed the crime? And: why did they do it?

The fact is: several hundred Ukrainian civilians were targeted for murder during the four weeks of Russian rule in Butcha.

Nikita Akimov and Vaseli Kniazev (from left) are alleged to have murdered in Butcha.

These are the suspects

Ukraine's Prosecutor General is searching with photos for "ten Russian butchers from the 64th Motorized Brigade as suspects in the massacre." The men are said to be between 24 and 33 years old and are now fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The victims of the targeted killings were shot in the streets, in basements, in front of houses and in backyards. "Most of them," they say, were executed with shots to the head. But some were also shot in the torso. Many of the dead had their hands tied.

Despite overwhelming evidence, Russia still denies killing hundreds of civilians in Butsha, Ukraine.

Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) went one better - and gave the alleged killers of his army an honorary title!

The Russian ruler signed a decree giving the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade the title of a "guard."

Especially cynical: He justified the award with "heroism and bravery, determination and courage" of the members.

Albert Radnaev and Grigory Narushkin (from left) are wanted by Ukraine for crimes committed in Butsha

Ukraine accuses the 64th Rifle Brigade of being significantly responsible for the massacre of civilians in Butcha

Ukraine's chief negotiator at the peace talks, Mychaylo Podolyak, 50, wrote on Twitter, "While debating whether Russian crimes in Ukraine can be called genocide, Russia continues to laugh in the world's face. Putin awarded the honorary title 'For Heroism and Courage' to the brigade stationed in Butcha."

Podolyak continued, "For the murder of children and the rape of women, you mean?"

Before the war, Butscha was a family-friendly suburb of Kiev with a population of about 37,000. The first Russian soldiers arrived in the town on Feb. 27, and on March 5 they brought it under their control, according to Human Rights Watch. At that time, an estimated 4,000 residents were still there. On March 31, the Russian army withdrew from Butsha.

Dmitry Sergienko and Mikhail Kashin (from left) are wanted for their involvement in the Butsha massacre.

According to Vitaly Lobass, chief of Butcha police, about 400 bodies were discovered after the withdrawal of troops, including in two mass graves. Most of them had been shot, he said, and about a quarter could not be identified.

More than 1,000 dead civilians were found throughout the region, according to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna.