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Honey Buy Zach & Zoe | Shark Tank Zach & Zoë builds a thriving business with Chase for Business

Kam and Summer Johnson moved to rural New Jersey when their son Zach was about five years old. The family loved living there, but unfortunately, Zach's asthma was negatively affected by the increased pollen levels in the country.Zac & Zoe

The Johnsons have always been cautious about using medications and sought natural treatments to help Zach with his allergic reactions. In the process, they came across compelling evidence that raw honey can support the body's natural defense mechanisms. Because bees make honey from pollen, raw honey still contains small amounts of pollen. By exposing the body to small amounts of pollen, raw honey can help through a process called immunotherapy. Immunotherapy involves strategically exposing the body to the element that triggers the allergic reactions, and this exposure can trigger increased tolerance.

Using raw honey has been shown to reduce Zach's reaction to pollen. While they obtained honey from local beekeepers, the Johnsons became curious about raising bees and producing their own honey. The entire family became involved with beekeeping. After months of research and at the urging of their beekeeping friends, the Johnsons took the plunge, purchased their own hives and produced their own honey. Realizing this could be a successful family business, they set up a commercial kitchen and began selling their honey.

The Johnsons also learned that bees are an essential part of the agricultural cycle. It is estimated that more than one-third of the food produced in the United States depends on pollination by bees, and farmers spend millions of dollars renting hives for pollination. Honey bees contribute at least $24 billion annually to U.S. agriculture, and 161.8 million pounds of raw honey were produced in 2016.

According to a September 24, 2018 New York Times article by Florence Fabricant, Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm now sell their honey at Chelsea Market. The Johnsons add organic flavors to some of their honeys, offering subtle flavors like lavender and matcha, as well as more common ones like raspberry and blueberry.

In 2020, their honey was included in Oprah's annual "Favorite Things" list, and in September 2021, they were included in "Target Takeoff," a five-week, product-based acceleration program from Target, Inc.

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From the beginning, the entire family has been involved, and the company is named after their two oldest children, Zoe and Zach. The Johnsons believe it's important for children to understand the mechanics of starting and running a business. Even though it's hard work, Kam and Summer want their children to learn firsthand that watching your own business grow and thrive can be very rewarding.