Iggy Azalea OnlyFans: Hotter than Hell x OnlyFans

Australian singer Iggy Azalea will combine the artistic mediums of music, illustration, poetry, photography and video in her latest project on OnlyFans.

Iggy Azalea OnlyFans: Hotter than Hell x OnlyFans
Iggy Azalea will XXXtra.

The 32-year-old Australian singer is taking her career to the next level with a joint project with OnlyFans.

Her latest multimedia project, "Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans," was unveiled on January 13.

The project will take a year to complete and will be finished in December 2023.

Azalea's latest project will combine artistic mediums such as music, illustration, poetry, photography and video to create creative yet outrageously hot content.

It will also feature selections from her upcoming fourth studio album.

On Twitter on Jan. 10, the "Kream" singer already gave a taste of her new collaboration, saying, "Music? Summer. Scandalous s-t?... Friday."

"Hotter than Hell x OnlyFans" will be the "Fancy" singer's biggest work to date and is inspired by the 1990s - the age of supermodels.

The project will highlight sexuality and will be a nod to the idea of the centerfold model and is a hyper-realistic version of the blonde beauty's life. Her first visual collaboration is with artist Ian Woods.

Pamela Anderson, sexuality and Madonna's "Sex" book are also the main inspirations for Azalea's latest work.

"I've been working on 'Hotter Than Hell' for six months now and I'm filled with excitement and nervous anticipation to reveal it to the world layer by layer," Azalea said in a statement.

The mother of two continued, "Admittedly, I didn't know OnlyFans was a place where I could be creative, so I wasn't expecting to collaborate with them on my biggest project yet."

" Once I got past the superficial talk about what it means to have an OnlyFans, I realized it was the perfect platform to launch a multimedia concept," she said. "I'm thrilled that I don't have to worry about the stifling and creativity-limiting censorship that artists have to deal with when they publish their work on other digital platforms.

" This project is bold and fun - just like this collaboration - I think it will surprise a lot of people," Azalea added.

On OnlyFans' profile, parts of "Hotter Than Hell" will be revealed piece by piece throughout the year. The event will also feature exclusive partnerships with producers, artists and fashion photographers.