Kaz Crossley Bj and sniffing Video Leaked in Dubai!

Kaz Crossley has threatened to cancel an upcoming episode of Ex On The Beach after being filmed “sniffing a suspicious substance" in Dubai.

Kaz Crossley Bj and sniffing Video Leaked in Dubai!
Source Video BlowJo* and Sniffing

In the clip, Love Island star Kaz, 26, is seen leaning over a table with lumps of white powder scattered on it.

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Kaz was seen leaning over a table with lines of white powder strewn across it

A source now claims that Kaz's future at EOTB, for which she signed earlier this year, is uncertain.

A TV insider said, "The producers of EOTB are furious because they are known to struggle with drugs - Scotty T and Marty McKenna were expelled from Geordie Shore after being caught using drugs.

"They had to decide how much Kaz was going to be in the new series because they didn't want the story to come up every time the press talked about the show.

The video was reportedly shot in Dubai last November, when the UK was in lockdown — a country where there is zero tolerance for drug-related crime.

No one was allowed to travel unless it was for work. But like many influential people at the time, Kaz — who has 1.2 million Instagram followers - was “working” in the United Arab Emirates.

In February, Kaz signed on for a new series following his split from Theo Campbell.

A source said at the time, "Kaz can't wait to get on stage and be a part of the show - she'll make a great TV host because she's not afraid to strike when someone gets in her way.

"She has no idea which of her ex-boyfriends will appear on the show - there are a few she would prefer never to see again — ever!”

A new episode of Ex on the Beach is scheduled to film in Columbia earlier this month.

Video Source Unknown: on the video allegedly Kaz Crossley is to be seen, she is to satisfy a man orally

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