NFL: Where to Watch Live Games in the USA and Germany

Discover where to watch live NFL games in the USA and Germany, from free-to-air TV networks to streaming platforms like DAZN and NFL RedZone. Get insights into broadcasting rights and availability for Sunday games and exclusive content.

NFL: Where to Watch Live Games in the USA and Germany

English: The National Football League (NFL) can be watched live in the USA on various platforms. The free-to-air TV rights are held by the four major networks CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN. Additionally, the NFL Network broadcasts the Thursday Night Games and selected other games throughout the season.

For those who want to stream the games online, there are several options. The NFL RedZone, a channel that focuses on the most exciting moments of Sunday games, is a standalone channel in the USA that requires separate subscription. Moreover, the NFL Network offers a free 24/7 stream on, providing round-the-clock news and background information on the NFL.

In Germany, the NFL Sunday Afternoon games are broadcasted on RTL and DAZN. RTL airs up to four live games per game day, three of them on free-to-air TV and one exclusively on RTL+. DAZN typically shows two individual games on Sundays exclusively. Additionally, DAZN offers the NFL ENDZN, a format focusing on games where a team is within the opponent's 20-yard line (in the so-called "RedZone").

It's important to note that not all Sunday games in the USA are readily available to watch. Each NFL team has an assigned TV market corresponding to the area of their fan base. All away games of a team are shown in its primary and secondary market. As for home games: They are shown in the primary market only if they are sold out 72 hours before kickoff.