Police rookie Vera Mekuli LAP DANCE for married NYPD Lieutenant Nick McGarry

The identity of young officer Vera Mekuli, who danced on him… The rookie police officer was seen at the 44th Precinct, Lt. Nick McGarry.

Police rookie Vera Mekuli LAP DANCE for married NYPD Lieutenant Nick McGarry
Source: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

McGarry is married and lives in a suburb with his wife and children

A NYPD rookie threw down for her Bronx beat at a raucous vacation party – and gave her lieutenant a raunchy, videotaped lap dance at the wild event, according to footage and sources.

The new cop is seen in the flimsy footage wearing a plaid black and white miniskirt, a black cut-off tank top and black knee-high boots as she rubs shoulders with law enforcement sources and several videos in the Yonkers bar at the 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry.

"Oh my God!" someone in the crowd yells.

The married, grinning higher-up sits in his chair in the middle of the crowd—sometimes resting his hands on his sexy subordinate's thighs - as she shakes her booty against his groin and some people cheer.

NYPD Lap Dance

The party in the district took place in Rory Dolan's bar, sources told.

Some patrons of the pub, which is popular with local cops and police officers, were disgusted by the scene.

"To be honest, in a family restaurant, this shouldn't be happening,” said one customer, who gave only his first name, Elias. “But what can you do?”

A waitress at the bar said "Ewww" when the video was shown.

Vera Mekuli

An Instagram post geotagged at the bar shows another young woman posing in front of a Christmas tree with the hashtags #NYPD and #holidayparty.

The rookie officer in the video appears carefree as she throws her hands in the air and dances on top of her supervisor to cheers from the crowd.

McGarry has been an officer with the NYPD since July 2010 and has served as a lieutenant in the 44th Precinct since April, according to 50-a.org, a website that compiles public records to profile individual officers.

Vera Mekuli

He earned $188,000 last year, the website says, and was named in several lawsuits that resulted in settlements of at least $130,000, though his direct role in the allegations is unclear. 

The NYPD determined that the complaints were “without merit.”

More pictures and video will be published here soon