Russia threatens Germany with natural gas STOP!

The Russian top politician just voices the threat quite openly on television. If we have to, we will stop everything completely. Especially to Germany, nothing will flow then!

Russia threatens Germany with natural gas STOP!


"We have the full right to make a 'mirror' decision and impose an embargo on the transit of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which today has a maximum utilization of 100 percent"

That's what Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in a speech just now. What he means: in response to the West's sanctions, his country could cut off natural gas supplies to Europe. Completely!

And Germany would be the hardest hit....

"Our supply stop would have disastrous consequences for the world market. Russia may also look for other sales markets"

Nowak continues. He knows: Germany in particular is dependent on Russian natural gas supplies, up to 55 percent of all imports for heating & co. will come from Vladimir Putin's country in 2021!

Hopefully, the whole thing will not escalate further...