TikToker "JinnKid" Head shot for his wife Ana Abulaban!

With almost 1 million followers, JinnKid is definitely one of the big accounts on TikTok in the States. However, what the 29-year-old has now done excuses nothing in the world …

TikToker "JinnKid" Head shot for his wife Ana Abulaban!

Ali Abulaban, who imitates stars like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and 6ix9ine in his comedy clips on TikTok as JinnKid, killed his wife and his new boyfriend out of jealousy.

Ana, the name of his former wife, moves out due to his aggressiveness and pushes for a divorce, he installs a listening app on the iPad of their common daughter to check if another man might be the trigger. When he hears a man's voice in Ana's new apartment a short time later, he sets off with a gun, probably shooting first the supposed new boyfriend and then his ex — with a well-aimed shot to the head.


Immediately afterwards he drives to the school of their common daughter, picks her up and then says: “I hurt mom” 45 minutes later the handcuffs click. Ali Abulaban alias JinnKid is now behind bars, bail has been denied.


Why is the killer's TikTok account still online? No one can really answer that, and it is precisely for this reason that the 29-year-old is experiencing a shitstorm and angry comments there.

He can no longer read, but he deserves much worse…

TikTok star Ali Abulaban allegedly killed his wife with head shot

He entered the luxurious apartment with a loaded gun and shot first the strange man and then his wife, local media said. He allegedly fired three bullets at the strange man: in the neck, in the cheek and at the back of the head. He then shot his wife in the forehead. 

After the brutal acts, Ali reportedly drove to school to pick up the couple's five-year-old daughter. At the time, his gun was still loaded, he said. "I hurt your mommy," he allegedly told the girl. 

TikTok star JinnKid allegedly confessed to murdering wife and husband on phone
On the phone with his mother, the 29-year-old is said to have subsequently confessed to the crime. In the meantime, however, he denied the crime again, as "NBC San Diego" now reports.

According to the investigators, there was already in September 2021 to an aggressive incident between Ali and his wife. At that time, Ali allegedly pushed his wife and injured her. The joint daughter had directly witnessed the incident.

Police took the daughter of the potential perpetrator into custody. Ali Abulaban was arrested about an hour after the murders and taken to jail.

TikiTok star Ali Abulaban could even be sentenced to death

The investigation is ongoing. If convicted, Ali Abulaban faces life in prison. The death penalty is also a possibility in principle, it was said.