Uncensored! Christen Colbert made a video for OnlyFans at a sushi bar

A manager Christen Colbert made a video for OnlyFans at a sushi bar, and the place was inspected for unsanitary conditions.

Jul 19, 2021 - 22:49
Jul 19, 2021 - 22:58
Uncensored! Christen Colbert made a video for OnlyFans at a sushi bar
Christen A. Colbert @chrissyamber1122

The girl and the banana, video-scandal at Japanese restaurant. Extreme scenes, ends in disgrace

A red light scandal in a Japanese restaurant is shaking Rocky Mount, a small town in North Carolina, and the United States. It all started when the American gossip site wral.com published compromising and explicit photos of a restaurant manager making "unconventional" use of a banana inside the restaurant.

The blonde's red-light exhibition then ended up on the most famous adult pay site in the world, OnlyFans. Now the same site wral.com reports that the manager of the Ichiban chain restaurant has been forced to resign over the embarrassing affair. 

It was reportedly a local citizen who alerted police to the video posted on the pay-per-view hard content site. In the clip, the employee is filmed inside the club (in a passage you can see behind her the screens of the security cameras) while she makes creative use of the yellow fruit, an indispensable tool, given the loneliness of the protagonist, to simulate an intercourse for the use and consumption of viewers connected to PCs and smartphones.

All this, is the complaint of the indignant citizen (who we imagine to have made a jolt while enjoying the video comfortably seated in an armchair), obviously unaware of the patrons of the restaurant of meat and sushi, who could have found that banana at any moment on the table or in some dish.

Wral.com points out, by the way, that the Japanese-American restaurant's menu expressly includes the cinnamon banana. Best wishes to patrons. After a few hours of insistent and spicy chatter, the owner Joon Lee declared that he had obviously never been aware of his manager's practice, offloading all responsibility on her, Christen Colbert, who had been working in the restaurant for 15 years. Little use was made of the woman's self-defense, which assured that she then ate the banana: resignation, before being fired.

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