Claudia Conway Leaked topless | Kellyanne shared naked photo (16) on Twitter

Claudia Conway leaked a nude topless picture The 16-year-old nude photo appeared in Kellyanne Conway's Twitter fleet. Fleets are short messages that Twitter automatically deletes after 24 hours.

The essentials in brief

  • Kellyanne Conway was Donald Trump's advisor until August 2020.
  • The 54-year-old is said to have shared a topless picture of her underage daughter.
  • Now the police are investigating Kellyanne.

I really wish more people were talking about what happened to Claudia Conway. She needs to be removed from her abusive family. It's fucked up that we all know what was done to her, and she's still in that house with those people.

Claudia Reddit Comments

Her videos sound very familiar to me. I am 40 and still have deep-rooted anger issues because of this kind of abuse when I was a kid.

  1. This is how my mom used to act when she got drunk.
  2. Same here. Reminds me of my entire childhood.
  3. Me too. I am happy you brought that up. It was the first thing I thought of. 
  4. Someone needs to get that little girl away from mommy dearest.
  5. So, it's the republicans who literally distribute child porn? Is that why they are projecting so hard?
  6. Is your mom going to his going away party?

Kellyanne shared naked photo (16) on Twitter

Donald Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway is leaving her post, and her husband is leaving the committee of Trump's opponents. As the spouses say - in order to pay more attention to family and children. Earlier, their daughter Claudia announced on social networks that she would fight for release from parental care: since the beginning of the year, she has been complaining about her political divergence with her parents and openly expressing contempt for her mother because of her work with Donald Trump.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is leaving office. “I am leaving the White House. With greatness and humility, ” she said on Twitter.

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In a statement attached to the publication, Kellyanne Conway expresses her gratitude to Donald Trump for the honor of serving as senior adviser to the US presidential administration over the past four years and appreciates his contributions to the nation's struggle for prosperity.

“I will leave the White House at the end of the month. George (the husband of the advisor) also has changes. We disagree on many issues, but we agree on what matters most: children,” admitted Kellyanne Conway. “Our four teenage kids, the twins start the new school year in middle and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months. As millions of parents around the country know, children 'learning from home in school' require a level of attention and alertness that is uncommon today. "

Kellyanne Conway added that the decision made is her personal choice. “Today my beloved children will have less drama, more mother,” she concluded.

The counselor's husband, George Conway, did tweet about the changes in his life - minutes before his wife did. He announced that he is leaving the Lincoln Project, which was created by Republicans who are trying to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected in the 2020 presidential election. His goal was also "to devote more time to family affairs."

One of the family problems of Kellyanne Conway and her husband George was the tough position of one of their daughters, 15-year-old Claudia, who since the beginning of 2020 managed to become a TikTok star, where she speaks out on political issues. She is a leftist, hates Donald Trump, accuses her mother of "internal misogyny" and claims that her parents' marriage failed. The mother and father, on the other hand, decided to leave their posts after their daughter wrote on Twitter that she would seek independence from them.

A related post appeared on her page on Saturday: Claudia Conway said she was incredibly upset that her mother would speak at the GOP convention. “I am officially starting to fight for the release of parental care. Buckle up because it will be public anyway. Welcome to my life,” the girl wrote.

In the posts that followed, she went on to explain the reasons for her suffering. “My mother's work ruined my life, to begin with. It kills me that she continues to walk this path after watching her children suffer for years. Selfish. It's all for fame and money, ladies and gentlemen,” Claudia complained on Twitter. As for her father, she also disagrees with him, according to her, in everything. “We just have some sanity about the current president,” she wrote.

Finally, on Sunday, August 23rd, the 15-year-old girl posted another tweet in which she clarified that she wants to get rid of parental care not because of her mother's work, but because of "childhood trauma and violence."

Claudia Conway regularly expresses contempt for her mother - in particular, stating that she would like to be adopted by the leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Congress, or go to her for an internship.

Evidence that her parents were tired of watching her fight with Donald Trump on social networks was her message in mid-July - then she wrote that her mother and father were forcing her to get rid of accounts on all social networks. However, two weeks later, in late July, Claudia Conway triumphantly returned to Twitter. "I got my phone back!" - she wrote and, warning that it might not be for long, again took up the fight with the US President.

I am NOT a fan of Kellyanne, and I’m not defending her. I work daily with abused and neglected teenage girls. Her daughter is clearly troubled, but I don’t think we can determine what happened based on social media posts. Something is amiss about this story.