Yasmin Bux. & Alexander K. Shot policemen near Kusel (Germany), the details

Yasmin Bux. († 24) and Alexander K. († 29) came across two poachers standing in a white van on the K 22 district road between Ulmet and Mayweilerhof

Yasmin Bux. & Alexander K. Shot policemen near Kusel (Germany), the details
Yasmiin Maria Bux/Alexander Klos
  • Inspector Alexander K. (29) was desperately fighting for his life
  • Their mission was to find a burglar. By chance, police chief inspector Alexander K. († 29) and colleague Yasmin B. († 24) came across two poachers on Monday night.
  • The patrol officers radioed in for a routine traffic stop.
  • It is Yasmin B.'s second shift with the police, her last internship before the police trainee would have finished her training in May.
  • Since there have been more burglaries in the area in the past, the patrol teams were supposed to be on the lookout for suspects.
  • At 4:19 a.m., the team radioed in: "Dubious persons detected in the Ulmet area, the whole trunk is full of game.
  • Yasmin lets Andreas Johannes S. (38) give her identity card and driver's license.
  • She was guileless
  • Alexander.K asks for reinforcement.
  • Alexander K. last words: "Come quickly, they are shooting at us.
  • A shot is heard
  • The police chief draws his gun, tries to take cover.
  • He has emptied his magazine
  • 14 times he shot at his killers.

The FC Freisen and the whole Verbandsliga Nord-Ost mourn Alexander Klos. The defender was the victim of a violent crime early Monday morning. He was only 29 years old.

According to the findings so far, the police officer and his 24-year-old colleague Yasmin Bux, who, according to the police union, was still studying at the police college, had checked a vehicle at around 4:20 a.m. on the district road 22 near Kusel and were shot. According to investigators, the two were previously on a routine patrol.

Early Monday evening, the escape of the two suspects came to an end. Police arrested two men, aged 32 and 38, on urgent suspicion in neighboring Saarland. Investigators had previously put out a public manhunt for the 38-year-old from Spiesen-Elversberg in the Neukirchen district. He had turned himself in to the authorities.


In the office Andreas S. always had a weapon lying Andreas S.

Because of murder of police chief inspector Alexander K. (29) and colleague Yasmin B. (24), Andreas Johannes S. (38) and Florian V. (32) are in custody.

Against Andreas Schmitt. there were in the past again and again police procedures because of poaching—apparently the illegal hunt was for him the only possibility to still earn money. Because: his businesses - a bakery that he took over and a wildlife trade—he put in the sand.

Funeral Service

Yasmin Bux

Alexander Klos Funeral

Andreas S. poached already in 2017—police stopped investigations

In the case of the two killed policemen, there are new findings about one of the suspects. Already in the past, Andreas S. had problems because of poaching, but was able to get an alibi thanks to friends.

After the double murder in Kasel it is now clear: It was not the first time that the suspect Andreas S. had problems with the police because of poaching. Also in the incident from 2017, S. seemed to be willing to use force to be able to keep his hunted prey.

Andreas Johannes Schmitt

Incident in September 2017 in a forest area in Saarland. A witness claims to have seen Andreas S. kill a deer in someone else's hunting ground. During a confrontation between the two men, an attack apparently occurred: As the witness stated to the police, he had to save himself by jumping to the side, as Andreas S. was driving his car directly towards him.

Despite extensive investigations, the Saarland police were unable to convict the suspect. Various friends of Andreas S. from the hunting scene provided an alibi that could not be refuted. The case was finally dropped in 2019. However, poaching was not the only accusation with which the older of the two arrested suspects was confronted.

Accusations of unfair business practices

Some time ago, Andreas Johannes Schmitt. was indicted by the Saabruecken Higher Regional Court on charges of delaying insolvency proceedings and dozens of cases of non-payment of social security contributions. The proceedings involve unfair business practices by a bakery that S. operated in Saarland.

The policewoman and her colleague had been shot early Monday morning during a traffic check in the district of Kusel. They had been traveling in a civilian vehicle to combat property crime, said the head of the police operation, Heiner Schmolzi. Because the control took place at an unsuitable place for it, he had assumed that the policemen found the vehicle with the suspects standing. Presumably, the two officers assumed a breakdown or a deer accident, he said.

Yasmin Bux and Alexander

Perpetrator possessed over 15 firearms

The officers were able to radio in that they had been shot at. The identity card of one of the two suspects was found next to the killed 24-year-old woman. The crime caused great horror in Germany, and there was also great sympathy internationally for the two police officers who were killed.

The suspects were initially on the run, but could be arrested on Monday in Saarland. Andreas Johannes S. from Spiesen-Elversberg in Saarland was put on the wanted list. The fugitive was arrested in the evening in Sulzbach near his home, where an arsenal of various firearms was also found. During the search of several properties, the second suspect, who was apparently busy cutting up game at the time of the arrest, was then apprehended without resistance.

Mother Bogumila B. in deepest mourning: Mein Kind wir werden dich immer lieben und vermissen.

Jasmin Bux


Police officer shot dead in Kusel

Today (Germany) nationwide minute of silence for killed police officers - buses and trains in Saarbruecken come to a standstill

Update: Kusel, two Saarland police officers are shot dead during a traffic stop in Kusel. Two suspects are arrested, an arrest warrant is issued. The case also triggers great sympathy nationwide. A donation account is set up for the victims' relatives. A book of condolence is now available in the Saarland state chancellery.

  • Donation account for killed police officers
  • The Police Foundation of Rheinland-Pfalz is asking for donations for the relatives and colleagues of the police officers killed in Kusel. The foundation accepts donations under the keyword
  • "Kusel - Zwei von uns". The donation account:

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