Beyonce's Renaissance Tour movie

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Beyonce's Renaissance Tour movie
Beyonce World Tour (Los Angeles, 2023)

Insiders have indicated that a wide release for this project is targeted for December 1. The Renaissance World Tour is projected to gross approximately $560 million in ticket sales by the end of its run.

Despite multiple requests for comment, neither AMC Theatres nor CAA (the mega-agency involved) provided any official statements regarding these developments. Attempts to reach Beyonce's publicist were also unsuccessful.

This landmark deal with Beyonce comes on the heels of Taylor Swift successfully negotiating a similar deal for a concert film based on her Eras tour. According to reports, Swift was able to secure incredibly favorable terms for herself - she financed the project herself and will receive over half of the box office receipts. Similarly, Beyonce has secured an identical deal and could potentially pocket more than 50% of the global gross, according to insider estimates. Industry experts are eagerly watching Swift's upcoming AMC experiment, which is set to open in October with potential earnings in excess of $100 million.

By engaging directly in deals such as these, without the involvement of traditional studio partners, AMC Theatres may have a significant impact on how theatrical films are distributed in the future. This artist-direct approach challenges established industry norms.

As expected when it comes to anything related to Beyonce's projects, conditions remain subject to change while secrecy surrounds every aspect of her creative process. A source familiar with the production of the visual album mentioned that Beyonce completed a substantial collection of music videos almost a year ago, in November 2022. Fans and admirers alike have been eagerly anticipating their release, especially considering that they accompany an award-winning Grammy album that will be released in July 2022.

Adding to the intrigue and complexity surrounding the deal is Netflix's previous involvement with Beyonce through a multi-picture deal, when it acquired her acclaimed Coachella concert film Homecoming in 2019. The extent of her commitment to the streaming service remains unclear, but it goes without saying that no one can tell Beyonce what to do.

Back in August, Above the Line reported that director Nadia Lee Cohen had been secretly filming parts of this particular project. More recently, eagle-eyed users noticed that AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron was following Beyonce on X (formerly Twitter), further fueling speculation in the fan community.