Kaya Corbridge: This was the fate of a 25-year-old woman.

A really interesting biography of a young woman. Kaya Corbridge, 25. Five years ago she decided that higher education is good, but money here and now is even better.

Kaya Corbridge: This was the fate of a 25-year-old woman.
Kaya Corbridge

So she went to OnlyFans and didn't even find it there, but found an unusual niche that allowed her to rake in money with a big, big scoop.

Kaya now has over 100,000 paying subscribers who are thrilled with her content.

What kind of content? The girl takes photos of her feet and also records videos of her stomping on "little people" (mostly LEGOs). It's a little weird, but that's the main profile.

But there are also extras that the girl takes on for an additional fee, and a hefty one at that. For example, she might shoot a video where someone can watch her cover herself with canned beans in the nude. Or record an invitation for wedding guests. In short, so many strange things that she herself is no longer surprised.

How profitable is she?

In March 2021, she had more than 18,000 subscribers and $848,000 for a year of "work."

Now she's running at full speed, collecting $120,000 a month.

In total, she's taken in $2.8 million since she started OnlyFans, minus service fees. Add to that taxes, and she's off the hook.