Maurnice DeClue Charged After Assaulting Kailee

Near Missouri's Hazelwood East High School, students assaulted Kailee, leaving her critically injured. A viral video shows Maurnice DeClue, 15, slamming her head into concrete.

Maurnice DeClue Charged After Assaulting Kailee

Details of the Assault

The altercation, involving multiple students, happened on Friday, March 8, 2024. In the video, Maurnice DeClue is visible throwing Kailee to the ground, punching her multiple times, and then viciously slamming her head against the pavement. Although another student tried to intervene, the assault persisted, resulting in severe head injuries for Kailee.

Legal and School Response

Following the incident, St. Louis County Family Court arrested Maurnice DeClue and is holding him on assault charges.

The Hazelwood School District has issued a statement condemning the violence and offering condolences and emotional support to those affected. They also emphasized the need for community action against bullying and fighting.

Community and Online Reaction

The assault video sparked outrage and debates on school violence. Social media and Hazelwood School District demand safer schools. The district vows to prevent such incidents and seeks privacy for the families involved.

Kailee's father fears her online presence may be erased after the incident, despite showcasing her youth on YouTube.