Shani Louk identified by her family

The video, which circulated on social networks, shows a German young woman from "Ravensburg in Baden-Württemberg" with long dark hair. She is wearing shorts and a brassiere and is lying unconscious in the back seat of a car.

Shani Louk identified by her family
Shani Louk & shanukkk

A bleeding wound can be seen on her head. Around her are cheering Hamas terrorists.

With both hands, mother Ricarda holds her cell phone up to the camera. On it: her daughter Shani Louk (30). "This morning my daughter was kidnapped with a group of tourists in the south of Israel," Ricarda Louk says into the camera. Mother and daughter live in Israel, but are from Ravensburg in Baden-Württemberg. Some of the family still lives there, and Shani has visited them regularly.

Together with her boyfriend, Shani organized a festival at a kibbutz on Saturday, her uncle Winfried Gehr says. "They regularly organized festivals, traveled the world with them."

The family has not heard from the young woman since the attack by Hamas terror groups in Israel. "They sent us a video in which I could clearly recognize our daughter. Unconscious in a car with the Palestinians as they drove into Gaza," says mother Ricarda Louk.

It is unclear how many people were taken by the terrorists. According to its own figures, Hamas dragged at least 35 Israeli "settlers" from their homes and took them to the Gaza Strip during its raid. Obviously as human shields for the expected counterattack of the Israeli army!