Short biographies of the candidates for the title of Miss Universe 2023

Here are some brief biographies of the Miss Universe 2023 candidates that I have researched so far:

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Here are some brief biographies of the Miss Universe 2023 candidates that I have researched so far:

1. Albania, Endi Demneri: Born on July 31, 1999, in Tirana, she is an Albanian model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Universe Albania on June 1, 2023, and represents Albania in the 72nd Miss Universe competition. Endi comes from a family of fashion designers and beauty queens and has been modeling professionally since 2014.

2. Angola, Ana Coimbra: Born on March 5, 2000, in Benguela, Angola, she is an Angolan model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Universe Angola on July 22, 2023. Ana graduated in Economics in the United Kingdom and is actively involved in projects aimed at promoting family agriculture and combating hunger and extreme poverty.

3. Argentina, Yamile Dajud: Born on March 29, 1996, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is an Argentine-Colombian model. She was crowned Miss Universe Argentina 2023 and represents Argentina at the Miss Universe 2023 competition.

4. Aruba, Karol Croes: At 27 years old, she shares her personal story of overcoming challenges and how she plans to use the Miss Universe Aruba platform to educate and empower her community. She emphasizes the importance of self-love and pursuing one's dreams and goals.

5. Australia, Moraya Wilson: Born on September 10, 2001, in Melbourne, Australia, she is an Australian model. She was crowned Miss Universe Australia on September 1, 2023, and represents Australia at the Miss Universe 2023 competition.

6. Bahrain, Lujane Yacoub: 19 years old, she is an actress, artist, dancer, beauty queen, and model. She represents Bahrain at the Miss Universe 2023 competition.

7. Belgium, Emilie Vansteenkiste: Born on October 25, 2001, in Elewijt, Belgium, she is a Flemish model and was crowned Miss Belgium 2023. She represents Belgium at the Miss Universe 2023 competition.

Please note that I could not cover all the requested biographies. For more detailed information, you may want to research each candidate and their stories individually.

Here are the candidates for the Miss Universe 2023 pageant:

- Albania: Endi Demneri
- Angola: Ana Coimbra
- Argentina: Yamile Dajud
- Aruba: Karol Croes
- Australia: Moraya Wilson
- Bahrain: Lujane Yacoub
- Belgium: Emilie Vansteenkiste
- Bolivia: Estefany Rivero
- Brazil: Maria Brechane
- British Virgin Islands: Ashellica Fahie
- Bulgaria: Yuliia Pavlikova
- Cambodia: John Sotima
- Cameroon: Issie Princesse
- Canada: Madison Kvaltin
- Cayman Islands: Ileann Powery
- Chile: Celeste Viel
- China: Jia Qi (withdrew)
- Colombia: Camila Avella
- Costa Rica: Lisbeth Valverde
- Croatia: Andrea Erjavec
- Curaçao: Kim Rossen
- Czech Republic: Vanesa Švédová
- Denmark: Nikoline Uhrenholt Hansen
- Dominican Republic: Mariana Downing
- Ecuador: Delary Stoffers
- Egypt: Mohra Tantawy
- El Salvador: Isabella García-Manzo
- Equatorial Guinea: Diana Hinestrosa
- Finland: Paula Joukanen
- France: Diane Leyre
- Germany: Helena Bleicher
- Great Britain: Jessica Page
- Greece: Marielia Zaloumi
- Guatemala: Michelle Cohn
- Guyana: Lisa Narine
- Honduras: Zuheilyn Clemente
- Hungary: Tünde Blága
- Iceland: Lilja Sif Pétursdóttir
- India: Shweta Sharda
- Indonesia: Fabiënne Groeneveld
- Ireland: Aishah Akorede
- Italy: Carmen Panepinto
- Jamaica: Jordanne Levy
- Japan: Rio Miyazaki
- Kazakhstan: Tomiris Zair
- Korea: Kim So-yoon
- Kosovo: Arbesa Rrahmani
- Laos: Phaimany Lathsabanthao
- Latvia: Kate Alexeeva
- Lebanon: Maya Aboul Hosn
- Malaysia: Serena Lee
- Malta: Ella Portelli
- Mauritius: Tatiana Beauharnais
- Mexico: Melissa Flores
- Mongolia: Namuunzul Batmagnai
- Myanmar: Amara Bo
- Namibia: Jameela Uiras
- Nepal: Jane Garrett
- Netherlands: Rikkie Valerie Kollé
- Nicaragua: Sheynis Palacios
- Nigeria: Ugochi Ihezue
- Norway: Julie Tollefsen
- Pakistan: Erica Robin
- Panama: Natasha Vargas
- Paraguay: Elicena Andrada
- Peru: Camila Escribens
- Philippines: Michelle Dee
- Poland: Angelika Jurkowianiec
- Portugal: Marina Machete
- Puerto Rico: Karla Inelisse Guilfú Acevedo
- Russia: Margarita Golubeva
- Saint Lucia: Earlyca Frederick
- Singapore: Priyanka Annuncia
- Slovakia: Kinga Puhová
- South Africa: Bryoni Govender
- Spain: Athenea Pérez
- Switzerland: Lorena Santen
- Thailand: Anntonia Porsild
- The Bahamas: Melissa Ingraham
- Trinidad and Tobago: Faith Gillezeau
- Ukraine: Angelina Usanova
- USA: Noelia Voigt
- Venezuela: Diana Silva
- Vietnam: Quynh Hoa Bui
- Zimbabwe: Brooke Bruk-Jackson.

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