Amanda Albach sent audio to her family before she was killed in Santa Catarina

After recording and sending the voicemail, Amanda Albach would have been forced to dig her own grave, according to Santa Catarina Civilian Police

Amanda Albach sent audio to her family before she was killed in Santa Catarina
Amanda Albach / Grave

The 21-year-old sales promoter Amanda Albach, who was found dead in Santa Catarina last week, sent an audio (see below) to the family before she was murdered last Friday morning in Laguna, in the south of the state


According to investigations, one of the suspects arrested for the crime said the sales promoter was killed by two shots from a firearm on Nov. 15.

Three people, one of them a friend of the victim, were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of involvement in the criminal action. Amanda Albach had a two-year-old daughter.

According to agents' investigations, the young woman was already traveling with a suspect at the scene of her murder when she sent the audio file to the family. The involvement of the other two suspects in the crime was not disclosed by investigators.


Amanda Albach disappeared after spending the Proclamation of the Republic holiday, which was celebrated on November 15 on the coast of Santa Catarina. The disappearance was reported to the Civil Police on the 19th of the same month.

She was missing for 18 days in the company of two friends. Amanda Albach traveled to the state to celebrate the birthday of a friend, an inmate suspected of involvement in the criminal action.

The delegate in charge of the case explained that "the investigation revealed that Amanda saw a gun belonging to one of the investigated, took a picture and gave it to a third party."  

"This person was unhappy and decided to end his life because he believed he was in danger, "he said. 


The last post of the young woman on social media was on November 13. She posted a photo at Praia do Canto in Imbituba, in southern Santa Catarina.

Her body was buried last Sunday morning at Fazenda Rio Grande, metropolitan region of Curitiba, Paraná.