Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani date with 19 year old girl

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio seems to change his partners faster than you can look. Women who exceed the age limit of 25 years seem to have no chance with him. The fact that the 48-year-old is now even dating a 19-year-old is causing quite a stir.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani date with 19 year old girl

Leonardo DiCaprio is drawing ridicule from the Twitter community with his latest flirtation. Thus, the actor was recently spotted with Eden Polani. The Israeli model is just 19 years old. The two were photographed at a party hosted by singer and model Ebony Riley, who at 32 years of age no longer fits into the Oscar winner's ideal.

DiCaprio's preference for models under 25, whom he dumps after they reach the age threshold, is a running gag not only in social media. His latest romance with 23-year-old Victoria Lamas seems to be over already, although she would have had two years left in itself. His rumored affair with Gigi Hadid is also over after a short time. After all, the supermodel is already 27.

Twitter is now running hot because of Leonardo DiCaprio's - literally - latest dating coup. Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan, for example, recognizes a “creepy pattern” in the 48-year-old's relationships.

Other Twitter users are outdoing themselves with comparisons of what all is older than DiCaprio's new girl. "'Titanic' is older than his new girlfriend," writes one user, referring to DiCaprio's breakthrough 1997 film, while others point out that his "Titanic" partner Kate Winslet was three years older than his current flirt during filming.

Still other users can't get over the fact that Eden Polani had to pause her high school education because of Corona. "Leonardo DiCaprio only cares about climate change because he wants to leave a better world for his girlfriends," jokes another Twitter user.

Some observers take a less humorous approach. A "fucking predator" is what one user calls DiCaprio - that is, a "fucking predator." Another user denounces DiCaprio's "absurdly disgusting dating behavior." "I think we should take the 'Leonardo DiCaprio dates young women' meme a little more seriously," a third thinks. "Feel like the whole thing is still very downplayed, maybe because he has such a good reputation? But it's fucking creepy."

The list of DiCaprio's exes is long. Among others, he has been involved with models Kristen Zang, Emma Miller, Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Erin Heatherton, Kelly Rohrbach and Nina Agdal in the past. He also dated the German Toni Garrn. In addition, the actresses Blake Lively and Camila Morrone are counted among his ex-girlfriends.