Police shoot Nahel in a yellow Mercedes - at the age of 17 he died

Protests and riots have broken out again in several French cities a day after a police officer fatally shot a 17-year-old. The victim's mother is calling for a funeral march.

Police shoot Nahel in a yellow Mercedes - at the age of 17 he died

After a fatal shooting of a 17-year-old ( Name Nahel.N) by a police officer during a traffic control near Paris, there were renewed protests in several French cities this evening. Among others in Lille, Nantes, Toulouse and Lyon people gathered to protest, reported the newspaper "Le Figaro".

Sporadically, garbage cans and cars were set on fire, it said. Police spoke of a tense but controlled situation. Alone in Nanterre, where the teenage driver had died on Tuesday morning, 2000 officers were mobilized to prevent renewed violent riots - as on the previous evening. In the greater Paris area, there were eleven arrests Wednesday night, the newspaper reported, citing police.

Macron condemned fatal police shootingFrench President Emmanuel Macron had condemned the fatal police shooting. "We have a young person who was killed, this cannot be explained and cannot be excused," he said during a visit to Marseille. "Nothing, nothing justifies the death of a young person.

"To the victim's family, he expressed the solidarity and sympathy of the entire nation. He wanted the judiciary to do its work in peace and for the truth to be revealed as soon as possible, Macron said. "We need calm everywhere because we can't have a conflagration, a worsening situation." At the same time, he also defended the police, who protect citizens and serve the laws of the republic.

Video footage shows course of eventsThe 17-year-old Nahel M. had been shot on Tuesday in the driver's seat of a car during a traffic control in the Parisian suburb of Nanterre. Initially, police had said that the car had driven up to two motorcycle police officers near the Paris business district of La Défense.

However, in a video that was checked for authenticity by various media, it was then seen how two police officers stopped the vehicle for a check. One of the officers pointed his gun at the driver through the car window and then fired at close range when the car suddenly accelerated. After a few meters, the car crashed into a post. The 17-year-old died a short time later - despite resuscitation attempts by rescue workers - as a result of the gunshot wound to his chest.

Investigations against police officerThe 38-year-old police officer is in custody pending trial. He is now being investigated internally on suspicion of intentional homicide. The lawyers of the victim's family also filed charges against the officer. Nahel M. himself had no criminal record, they said. He was a popular pizza delivery man in the neighborhood.

In social media, the mother of the killed also spoke out. She called for a memorial march in front of the prefecture in Nanterre on Thursday afternoon. "This is a revolt for my son," she said in a video posted on Tiktok. vatoss92