Salv8dor Shot 14 children Age 7 to 10 years Salvador Ramos

The news really shocks the whole world on Tuesday evening: At an elementary school in the middle of the US state of Texas suddenly shots fall, 14 small children and 1 teacher die. Now there is the first photo of the perpetrator....

Salv8dor Shot 14 children Age 7 to 10 years Salvador Ramos

SALVADOR RAMOS, Instagram Tiktok Salv8dor

Even though the 18-year-old mass murderer is now dead, US media are openly showing the picture of the man responsible for the deaths of a total of 15 people.

His name: Salvador Ramos! @Salv8dor_


The course of events leaves one speechless: The 18-year-old student first kills his grandmother, then drives to the school, entrenches himself there with weapons and shoots child after child.

A teacher also loses her life.


The perpetrator is now DEAD. He is shot dead by police immediately following the crime.

Investigators currently believe that Ramos acted alone in the crime. Nothing is known yet about the motive of his barbaric nature.


U.S. President Joe Biden has already had the flags at the White House hung at half-mast and will address the nation this evening.