Shaun Weiss 2 years sober Before after picture

Former Disney star shocks fans with 'before and after' photos and celebrates two years of sobriety

Shaun Weiss 2 years sober Before after picture
Shaun Weiss

Shaun Weiss 2 years sober

Shaun Weiss entered a deep rehabilitation process after being arrested for theft and possession of methamphetamine in 2020
Former child star Shaun Weiss, famous for the 'We Are the Champions' franchise in which he plays Goldberg, the goalie of a youth field hockey team, has celebrated two years of sobriety with a montage showing the evolution of his rehab treatment. Two years ago, Weiss was arrested for breaking into a house and having in his possession a quantity of methamphetamine.

The actor was addicted to the drug and had already made headlines for other previous arrests. The picture Shaun shared is from the time of his last arrest, which turned out to be the milestone of his turnaround. On the side, he proudly shows the result of a new healthy routine and away from trouble with the police. Below the montage, he shared the words, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with 12 amazing steps."