Sleep make-up: Make up your skin with Youtforia! - Shark Tank 2023

Shark Tank's Youthforia makeup line is for under-20s looking for a brand that gives them a youthful look.

Sleep make-up: Make up your skin with Youtforia! - Shark Tank 2023

Since its inception, Youthforia has been dedicated to creating healthy and animal-free beauty products. In 2021, Fiona Co Chan founded Youthforia to revolutionize the world of makeup. We believe that makeup can be an extension of your personal care routine, and therefore should be clean and vegan. That's why we created a natural makeup line that is also eco-friendly and uses bio-based ingredients instead of fossil fuels. Unlike other brands on the market, our makeup is specifically for sleep because it is so gentle on the skin. SHOP

Youthforia Makeup Shark Tank is a brand that has developed high-quality cosmetic products specifically designed for the needs of young women. The products are based on a high-quality care concept that includes, among other things, the Skin Chi complex. This complex consists of natural ingredients and was developed specifically for the skin of young women. Youthforia Makeup Shark Tank products are manufactured in South Korea and follow green chemistry principles to formulate products that are at least 90% natural in origin. Certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program, the brand is designed to be multi-talented, not only making you look and feel beautiful, but also providing quality treatment for your skin. The products are enriched with a proprietary blend of Skin Chi Complex, which is an important part of the brand's philosophy to care for your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost about Youthforia. The brand stands for high quality, sustainable products and unique formulas. Try the products for yourself and see the incredible results.

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