Dave Chappelle attacked by Rapper Isaiah Arias Lee

Stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle has been attacked on open stage by Isaiah Arias Lee during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. A cell phone recording shows rapper "Noname_trapper" Isaiah Lee storming onto the stage and throwing himself against Chappelle. The comedian was apparently unharmed and continued his performance.

Dave Chappelle attacked by Rapper Isaiah Arias Lee

Chappelle was performing at the "Netflix Is A Joke" comedy festival organized by Netflix. The streaming service has been producing specials with Chappelle for several years, and they seem to go over well with parts of the audience.

However, the special "The Closer" , which premiered last year, had also drawn criticism. In it, Chappelle said, among other things, that gender was "a fact" and that LGBTQ people were "too sensitive." For sexual minorities, he said, there had been improvements within a few years that were still denied to blacks decades later.

As a result, there had also been protests internally at Netflix, but Co-Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos held his protective hand over Chappelle. In an internal letter, he emphasized at the time that it was also about defending "artistic freedom."

"This was probably a transman," Chappelle is said to have said after the attack, according to industry magazine Variety. In fact, nothing is known so far about the background and the identity of the attacker. Actors Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock are said to have appeared on stage afterwards.

Rock was also recently the victim of an attack on the open stage, Will Smith had slapped him at the Oscars. According to Variety, Foxx told Chapelle, "You're a legend, and we're not going to let anything happen to you." 

Noname_trapper (aka Lilwi33a) is an American rapper and singer from Los Angeles, California.  His discography includes Born & die in the trap (2020), I love ur thoughts (2019), and I hate ur thoughts (2019).  Some of his most popular songs include "Raffstar" and "Plambo."  He is also the owner of Beyond Billion Records.

Noname_trapper was born as Isaiah Arias Lee on June 24, 1998 in Brooklyn, New York.  He was adopted at birth by his grandmother Joy Chatel.  At the age of 16, Noname_trapper moved to Los Angeles, California.  He moved to LA after his beloved grandmother passed away.

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CAREER: Life in LA did not always go smoothly for Noname_trapper / Lilwi33a.  At the age of 16, he was running from dorm to dorm.  It was at this time that he turned to music and began recording.  Noname_trapper released his first song shortly after becoming a father.  The track was titled "Raffstar."  He currently has more than 212 million streams on the SoundCloud platform.

Isaiah Arias Lee Noname_trapper-Lilwi33a

In 2019, Noname_trapper released the projects I love ur thoughts (2019) and I hate ur thoughts (2019).  Another project, Born & die in the trap, was released in June 2020.  The tracklist includes "Raffstar," "Resorts," and "Dave Chappell."  According to Noname_trapper, he has signed a record deal with Universal Music Group (UMG).  The deal is reportedly worth $24 million over five years for 4 studio albums, a movie and a book.

Isaiah Arias Lee, who performs under the name "NoName_Trapper" and recorded a song titled "Dave Chapell" in 2020, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly storming the stage and attacking comedian Dave Chappelle

Isaiah Arias Lee Noname_trapper-Lilwi33a Dave Chappelle

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Noname_trapper / Lilwi33a is 6 feet tall and his net worth is estimated at $2.4 million.  He is currently single.  Since he has two different monikers, he can introduce himself in most of his songs.  The Beyond Billion Records label has recorded over 300 million streams to date.

Profession: rapper, singer, owner of Beyond Billion Records