Astro Boy Boots Buy - with Mschfs Big Red Boots

Fashion remains unsurpassed. Have you ever watched an episode of Astro Boy and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to own a pair of these bright red boots?" Well, if that sounds like you, Mschf has just the new product for you.

Astro Boy Boots Buy - with Mschfs Big Red Boots

These shoes, known as Big Red Boots, are said to be "cartoon boots for a cool 3D world," and that they are "VR chat boots." For those concerned that these aren't designed to be comfortable, Mschf addressed that as well, adding: "Big Red Boots are really not shaped like feet, but they are extremely shaped like boots."
While Mschf doesn't explicitly mention any characters or brands as inspiration for the boots, the fashion brand indirectly mentions several characters, including "Dora the Royalty Free Child."

As for what they're made of, we learn in the product description that they're made of TPU rubber and EVA outsole / midsole, and are both "tall" and "red."

If you look at these boots and really want to buy a pair, they will set you back $350 when they hit the market in the future.

Here you can BUY it online