John Gotti's daughter and grandson in $10 million cyber lawsuit

Angel Gotti, 60, and her son, Frank Gotti Albano, 37, have sued Gene Borrello for $10 million. They claim he subjected them to a barrage of "disgusting" online insults due to his "sick obsession" with the late “Teflon Don” of the Gambino family.

John Gotti's daughter and grandson in $10 million cyber lawsuit
Source: Youtube

The daughter and grandson of the late godfather John Gotti are fighting a mob "snitch" in court.

Borrello threw down the gauntlet last year when he had enough coglioni to portray mother and son as drug addicts and show their faces on porn he posted online, they allege in court documents.

Borrello, allegedly a former accomplice of the Bonanno family, allegedly set up two Instagram accounts with the abusive names @angel_gotti_the_fat_slob and @angel_the_fat_whale_gotti, bombarding them with nasty messages.

He is also accused of posting fake photos online of Albano and his late father, Luis Albano, using drugs, Gotti said in his lawsuit.

The feisty Borrello - who helped convict nearly two dozen mobsters in 2016 and went to prison last year after threatening her ex-girlfriend's husband and father - also falsely accused Angel Gotti and her son of the Cosa Nostra's greatest sin: being "rats," according to the lawsuit.

In a now-deleted YouTube post, Borrello called Angel Gotti a "fucking rat," adding that "the whole family are rats.... Real rats," and she claimed that Gotti encouraged people to report him to the FBI and his parole officer.

In an August Instagram post, Borrello allegedly wrote, "Angel Gotti went from drug addict to meth addict and child molester," she claimed.

In another post, he wrote, "Now take the needle out of your son's arm, we all know he was in heroin rehab," court documents state.

Angel Gotti said she only caught Borrello's eye on social media because she wanted to "protect her family name" online from his made-up stories.

After that, Borrello went on a rampage and "he seems to take an unhealthy pleasure in his constant bullying," she said.

In a YouTube interview with Lee Cole of in August, he allegedly admitted to creating malicious Instagram accounts, the lawsuit states. The accounts have since been deleted.

Borrello told Cole in August that he would not stop harassing the mother and son, adding that everyone knew he was the one "harassing" them, the lawsuit states.

The Gottis call Borrello's reports "obscene and clearly false." They deny any involvement in criminal activity, including drug use.

"Borrello's incessant defamatory attacks" put the couple "in serious danger of ridicule and public scorn," the Gottys said in their legal documents.

Borrello gained notoriety on YouTube after teaming up with whistleblower friend and Gotti family foe John Alite for the podcast The Johnny and Gene Show in 2018.

The Howard Beach hothead was known by his neighbors for his "heinous crimes," Gotti alleges in his lawsuit. According to Brooklyn federal court documents, Borrello is known for shootings, violent assaults, burglaries, armed robberies and arson.

According to Angel Gotti and her son, Borrello is just a wannabe mobster, even though he has put mobsters behind bars, including Captain Bonanno Vincent Asaro, who was arrested for arson after a surprise acquittal in the $6 million Lufthansa heist.

Although Borrello and Alite are "admittedly prone to murder and violence," neither is "an official member of a known Italian organized crime group," the lawsuit states.

The prosecution of Borrello "remains relentless," said Dana LaMacchia, Gotti's attorney.

"We felt we had to do it, that we had no other option," she said of the lawsuit. "He's still pursuing the case."

In November, Borrello pleaded guilty to again violating supervised release rules by creating three YouTube videos about organized crime and making nasty comments about his victims in those videos, according to court documents. According to court documents, he has been released on supervised release while he awaits his March sentencing date in the case.

Borrello's attorney has not responded to the reports.