Jeffery Epstein visits a Russian school in Russia (1998)

Jeffery Epstein's 1998 Visit to Russian School and Sakharov's House in Sarov

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Explore captivating insights from journalist Whitney Webb's article delving into Bill Gates and his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Despite the article's length, it intriguingly narrates Epstein's visit to Academician Sakharov's residence in Sarov back in 1998.

Dyson and Epstein are captured in photos with Pavel Oleinikov, an employee of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center, against the backdrop of Andrei Sakharov's home. Sakharov, a Soviet nuclear scientist and dissident, was rumored to have connections with American intelligence. Both Sakharov and his wife, Elena Bonner, were proponents of Zionist ideals. On the same day, another photo of Epstein in a classroom full of teenagers, presumably also in Sarov, considering the timestamp, was taken. Additionally, there's a photo of Dyson, captioned as taken in April 1998 "at Microsoft Russia in Moscow," featuring Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gates' advisor at Microsoft.