Policeman saves drug dealer his life

Man swallows bag of pot during traffic stop, police officer saves him from choking. Policeman saves drug dealer his life

Policeman saves drug dealer his life

He used the hemp lich maneuver.

A panicked Ohio man swallowed a bag of weed during a traffic stop - but then choked on it and state troopers had to save his life.

Dashcam video released by the Ohio State Patrol on Thursday shows Trooper Charles Hoskin pulling over a white sedan and approaching the driver's side window of a vehicle in Portage County.

The officer can be heard asking the man "can you breathe" as the shirtless suspect exits the vehicle.

The two then move to a safe area behind the car, so the trooper can perform the Heimlich maneuver to remove the bag, footage shows.

Seconds later, a bag flies out of the man's mouth.

"What did you swallow?" the trooper asks the gasping suspect, according to the footage.

"I had a gram of weed on me, sir," he replies.

Trooper Charles Hoskin stopped by the car.

Hoskin asked the driver if he could breathe after exiting the vehicle.

Hoskin used the Heimlich maneuver to snatch the bag of marijuana from the man.

The man claimed he had an ounce of weed on him when he was pulled over.
Ohio State Police, Ohio

The department posted the footage on its Twitter account and urged drivers not to use drugs when pulled over.

"Do not attempt to swallow a bag of drugs before being pulled over to prevent a trooper from finding them," the post reads.

"Fortunately, Tpr. Hoskin of our Ravenna Post was alert and able to help the man who choked on a bag of illegal marijuana."