SUPER BOWL STREAKER: Alex Gonzalez Interrupts Game Play

Find out what happened when Alex Gonzalez decided to streak during Super Bowl 58, causing a temporary halt to the game and capturing everyone’s attention.

SUPER BOWL STREAKER: Alex Gonzalez Interrupts Game Play
Alex Gonzalez @ fxalexg

During the third quarter of Super Bowl 58, two individuals stormed the field and nearly disrupted a third-down play by the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

One of the intruders made it to the sidelines of the San Francisco 49ers where he was subdued and identified as Alex Gonzalez, while his accomplice - quite literally - was apprehended by a security team near the 10-yard line in the Chiefs' end zone.

Both were shirtless and likely inspired by Usher's halftime show.

Referee Bill Vinovich ruled that the play - a 2-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes to receiver Mecole Hardman that missed the sticks - did not need to be reviewed as the intruders did not impact the play. Kicker Harrison Butker subsequently kicked a 57-yard field goal, narrowing the Niners' lead to 10-6 (5:01 remaining in the third quarter)."